United Business Finance


Growth within the beauty and cosmetic industry has paved the way for a variety of products within the financial market to be developed.

At United business finance, our knowledge of the products available enables us to source the correct type of funding to your requirements.

Manufacturing, producing and reselling within the industry covers many areas therefore requires different types of finance.

We specialise in:

Working capital

Asset Finance

Purchase Order Finance

Development finance

Working Capital

The changes in cash flow for businesses within the beauty industry vary consistently.

At United business finance we can provide you with suitable working capital funding to manage those changes whilst driving profits.

Working capital loans enable you to continue business as usual when cash flow becomes disruptive.

 Asset finance 

For those bigger purchases or upgrades to existing equipment or premisis Asset finance can support your growth, enabling you to keep ahead of the game by offering the latest treatments and services

Other Products

Purchase Asset finance

Essentially, purchase order financing is, in some ways, a special form of invoice finance – the difference is that you can unlock the value of purchase orders instead of invoices. In other words, you can get finance before you deliver the goods, rather than after. This means that you’ll be able to keep money flowing into your business while waiting to be paid by your ultimate customer, helping to fuel the growth of your business.

Property Development and Refurbishment Finance

A short term finance product which enables your business to fund property development schemes.