Our expertise and knowledge of both the medical and finance industries allows us to source the most suitable finance for your company.

We have worked with companies in Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Diagnostics, Private hospitals and Patient transport.

Contact us to find out about specialised finance for medical and healthcare companies.

Our tailored financing solutions enable medical and healthcare professionals to finance equipment for their business.

Our services provide you with the very best finance available on the market for medial and healthcare companies. Finance for equipment is common, also known as asset finance and can maximise profits whilst upgrading and updating the services and treatments you provide.

There is a range of options for funding within the medical and healthcare sector. At United business finance we have experience in  funding:

Dental Equipment
Emergency Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment Leasing
Medical Furniture
Medical Lasers
Nursing & Home Care


Coronary Angiography Equipment
General Medical Imaging Equipment
Medical Radiology Equipment
MRI Machines

Surgical Supplies & Devices

Anesthesia Machines
Diathermy Equipment
Electrosurgical & Cautery Devices
Miscellaneous Surgical Equipment
Surgical Microscopes
Surgical Tools

Clinic Furnishings

Adjustable Hospital Beds
Medical Carts & Stands
Medical Center Office Furniture
Medical File Cabinets
Medical Exam Tables
Surgery Recovery Beds
Waiting Area Furnishings

Lab Tools & Diagnostics

Exam Room Equipment
Optometry Equipment
Oxygen Pumps & Accessories
Physical Therapy Machines
Respiratory Devices

From imaging equipment and surgical tools, to just the basics such as office furniture and medical carts, financing medical equipment is an economical approach to getting what you need without having to make a substantial investment by purchasing the items yourself. 

Invoice finance

Invoice finance brings predictability to your cash flow. By receiving cash upfront for your invoices, you will have the financial means to do the things that matter most to the success of your business: increase inventory, invest in research, hire new staff, travel to investigate new products, deploy marketing strategies, open new locations or set your sights on expansion.

Most businesses will have traditionally turned to loans, overdrafts or even credit cards to keep the business moving.  However, to qualify for a loan from major institutions you must meet certain criteria – and often personal property will need to be put as collateral for the loan. For some small business operators, this is a slippery slope.

But that’s not invoice financing. Invoice finance is not a loan.  It is simply a way to have your invoices paid faster, without the burden of extra debt.